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Triality Games just finished their first 3 Games 3 Weeks 3 Dudes Gamemaking Challenge. This time's topic was Horror games.

You can download and play the results for free right now!

The games vary widely from a gravity-defying experience all the way to an exploration and riddle game.




- Maybe another Life


- Veinless Property

Updated 10 days ago
Published 27 days ago
Made withUnity, Blender, Adobe Photoshop, Audacity
TagsBlender, Creepy, First-Person, Horror, Mystery, Singleplayer, Surreal, suspense, Unity


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Horror Game Collection.zip 280 MB


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3 really neat games! I can tell that there's some good passion put into these. I'm interested to see more when they come out!


Tanks so much man, glad you liked them. We are currently working on new projects in different game genres, so expect more games in the future!

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Hey! i think another life is not working when i open the game it just stops working :(

Hey there, we are really sorry, it´s not working. If you want to, you are very welcome to send us a Twitter DM at: https://twitter.com/TrialityG, so we can get this resolved together.

sweet games. very spooky n great artwork.

Thank you, we appreciate it! 


Thank you, glad you enjoyed our games dude!

Cant wait to play the other two games! Keep up the good work guys. Don't stop making games, keep going! They are very fun to play.

Thank you very much, we really appreciate your kind words. Hope you will enjoy the other games too if you play them.

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I’ll 100% be playing the other games. I also link the game in my videos description as well 🤟🏻

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I was about to play the pack and just realised that one game is still on the process of updating. Veinless Property is one crazy experience, taking the style of a Japanese Manga but distorted, there were no music and it was so silent that I thought something will jump on me and I have a lot of fun playing.

'Maybe another life' is... Something, the concept itself was really interesting. I thought that there's going to be a lot of scares but I was surprise the way it turn out to be (Also, the footage is so choppy so, I wasn't got the proper experience).

Overall, the two games are really fun and their concepts are really interesting. Can't wait what 4D Horror brings

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Thanks for playing and rating our games in your video! Glad you enjoyed them.

If you are interested, our third game (4D Horror) will probably come out this week! 


Ah I played the "veinless property" first (already commented on that) and then I played "maybe another life". In "maybe another life" I liked the gravity/shifting walls gameplay. The puzzles were quite straightforward. I thought the art style and the immersion of this bizarre world was awesome. Not sure what is happening but maybe some notes or a story would be nice. The creep factor of the game is mostly played by the darkness of the area. I am curious what future game Triality games will make. Two thumbs up from me. I hope I get to try out 4D horror soon.

Thanks for the awesome Let´s Play and great feedback. About 4D Horror, it is pretty much done and will be updated in the near furure.


This was pretty dope. Keep up the great work.

Your video was pretty dope. Thanks so much for checking out our games. About 4D Horror, it is pretty much done and will be updated in the near furure.


If you give me only one word to describe this Horror Games Compilation it'd be "MASTERPIECE". And I really mean it. I can't even decide which one is my fav. Although Veinless Property was extremely fun, stylish and creepy, Maybe another Life brought me to another level of Horror. No scare jumps just a real pure primal fear. It is such a great job! THANK YOU very much for this experience and I can't wait to see more from you, guys. So talented! 
P.S. 4D Horror is included in the video lol Even though it took me forever to figure it out (even with your hints). 


WOAH! This came out of nowhere, thanks for your awesome comment and encouraging words, this really means a lot to us <3
We also really enjoyed your video - keep up the great work! 

2020 became just a little bit better after playing this gem! 


2020 became just a little bit better after reading your comment and watching your video, thank you so much! 

I like the proposal. It is a curious game that made me reflect on what I wanted to say. Keep the good work!

Thank you we hope you had fun with our collection!

That was the best of the collection, in my opinion. The style, the colors, the simulation of manga ...

I really like the game and I wonder if the development will continue.

Thank you so much for your compliment, we really appreciate it!
The game as it is, is basically done, there will probably be bug fixes, and maybe a game in a similar style

Very good game, great, I want you to subscribe to my channel, merry Christmas friend:Placebogames - YouTube

Thank you! Merry Christmas my friend.


Hello again, thank you for replying to my previous comment, it really helped, I finished all 3 games and they were really fun to play, I posted separate videos of them, good work :)


Thank you so much for giving it another try and for your feedback, those were some really enjoyable videos, because of your input the game 4D - Horror will soon be updated!


interesting concept. I like these games. but I couldn't play 4d horror. other two were great. keep it up and I hope to see more projects like this in the future :)

btw if you are interested, here is video:


We had a blast watching this video! Thanks for checking out the games, we really appreciate it! 
The game 4D - Horror is currently in development, a update will follow soon.


Excellent Game. I've played many horror games, but non of them showed the esthetic, which this game had. Overall, I played all 3 in the collection, but Veinless Property, I think is the winner. Thanks for making such a unique game and please share more! 
Good Luck on your next projects Triality Games. 

Awesome video and thanks for trying out our games. We appreciate your compliment!
But thanks to your video we noticed a shader error in Veinless Property because if you compare your video to the screenshots of the Veinless Property game you will clearly see a difference in lighting.

It could be a problem with your windows version, are you using a 32bit - version?


I am pretty sure you did the best job there and your error is just my PC's problem. I use 64, but the editing and cutting the video changes the game's overall look, so maybe that's why it looks different. Thanks again and please make more content, cause you are awesome!

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These games are really good, dudes. I couldn't get 4D horror to work (or so I thought until reading your comment below just now) but the other 2 are hella cool. I like what you did here. Thanks!


Thank you, we also really enjoyed watching your video - keep it up with the good stuff my guy!
The game 4D - Horror is currently in development, a update will follow soon.


Cool and Thanks this is the gameplay of just Veinless Property

Crazy strange stuff :)

Thank you so much, this means a lot to us!


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Hello, I played this game collection and I really like them but I don't understand what the riddles are for the 'Enter Codes' in 4D Horror.


Hey thanks for your honest feedback!

In the game 4D - Horror you first of all start in a room with a pc in it

1. click on the pc to open a screen, there you see a folder with the name "click on me"

2. This exact text document you can find in the folder you downloaded on your actual computer (so you have to tab out the game)

3. click on the text document to see the code for the first door

- hints -

On every door you can find a color scheme which leads to the code 

Door with pink color scheme -> find something similar to it (spoiler) search for a can with a pink post it on it

updates on this game will follow because this game was made within 2 weeks for only 1 person to play and is a riddle horrorgame based on his house.